What is a BEAUTIPHICATION™ Consultation?

What is a BEAUTIPHICATION™ Consultation?
By: Acacia Spa Staff

We look with our eyes, But we see with our brains

No, we aren't spelling it wrong! BEAUTIPHICATION™is an advanced injection techique based on the mathmatetical principal, Phi, also known as the Goden Ratio.We chatted with Lauren Helmuth, R.N., to find out what she has learned about this magical number, and how she is using PHI proportions to improve injectable results.


A: BEAUTIPHICATION™ is a medical application of the concept: Ideal beauty is a universal notion, provable by the mathematical principle of "divine" proportion.

Q: What is "Divine" Proportion?

A: Leonardo Da Vinci called the reasoning behind what we deem attractive, "Divine" Proportion. This mathematical principle of beauty and harmony is also known as the Golden Ratio or Phi.

Q: How does BEAUTIPHICATIONlead to more attractive results?

A: Extensive research has shown people universally share a sense of what is attractive, regardless of race or ethnicity. This is because our minds associate beauty with symmetry and balance. When we analyze why something is considered universally beautiful, we find "Divine" Proportions. For example, in the face, the phi ratio defines the perfect brow, the ideal face width and beautiful lips.

Q: How does the BEAUTIPHICATION™ process work?

A: Calipers, similar to the ones used by artists and architects, guide the injections by calculating your individual PHI proportions. When it comes to injectables, placement is everything! Creating harmony and balance in the face is what gives you an overall more attractive and natural look.

Q: What sets this technique apart?

A: Most injectors limit their treatments to line-filling, simply repeating what has been done in the past. Injectors trained in BEAUTIPHICATION™techniques can go beyond wrinkles and furrows, they can offer a full face approach that restores volume, smooths contours, and enhances features naturally. The BEAUTIPHICATION™ process allows us to identify and inject in places that will look the most natural, and get you the best results with the least amount of product.

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