The All NEW Acacia Loyalty Rewards

The All NEW Acacia Loyalty Rewards
By: Acacia Spa Staff

Since introducing Acacia Loyalty Rewards four years ago, we’ve experienced tremendous growth and continued to evolve the program to meet the changing needs and purchase patterns of our customers. These new updates put choice in the hands of our customers and a personal touch they can only get from Acacia Spa.

These enhancements build on existing program benefits that will remain available to all customers.

In addition to earning points for every $1 spent at Acacia Spa, customers enjoy a Free Birthday Treat, Loyal Customer Bonus and exclusive personalized offers, along with dozens of additional opportunities to earn Bonus Points through monthly Double Points Days and more.

What to Expect:

More Choices: Our new, Loyalty Rewards structure will replace the current FiveStars Rewards system, offering customers more ways than ever to earn and redeem their rewards at Acacia Spa!

Easier and Faster: All Acacia Loyalty Rewards members earn Points toward free Rewards from the day they join, bringing immediate value to customers. Earn points on ALL purchases, including retail, services, and online orders!

No Points Expiration: Points earned for purchases made at Acacia Spa will no longer expire.

Sign up for Acacia Loyalty Rewards today to start earning!


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