Derived from an ancient Indian tradition, these treatments are designed to help release toxins and encourage the body and skin to restore its own vitality. The goal in all Ayurvedic treatments is to restore balance and reestablish calm and harmony. They are deeply cleansing and purifying to the mind, body, and soul. All Ayurvedic treatments use warm herbalized oils chosen to balance and rejuvenate your unique constitution.


Ayurvedic Head & Scalp Treatment - 60 minutes

The Shirodhara begins with a gentle stream of warm herbal infused oil onto the third eye to quiet the mind and sooth the senses. The oil is then massaged into the hair and scalp followed by an application of Ayurvedic herbs to nourish hair roots and condition the scalp. The Shirodhara includes a neck and shoulder massage, a hand and foot massage and moist heat therapy with herbal mitts and booties. The journey finishes with a Marma Point Face Treatment.

Dosha Balancing Massage

60 minutes

Dosha Balancing is a massage using Ayurvedic techniques performed with a warm, dosha specific, herbal infused body oil, and further enhanced with moist heat therapy using Herbal-Ease Uni-Pack, mitts and booties. The oil is prepared in traditional Ayurvedic methods and can be warmed without losing the potent healing properties of the herbs. A warm herbal oil massage is a classic Ayurvedic treatment to aid in detoxification and to nourish the nervous system. The specific massage oil used in the treatment is selected based on the Guest's constitutional needs and elemental make-up. Balancing and nourishing for all constitutions and skin types. A mini facial treatment completes the relaxing and balancing experience.

Ayurvedic Herbal Body Rejuvenation

90 minutes

This treatment is adapted from traditional Purva Karma detoxification and rejuvenation therapies. The treatment includes a botanical mask, exfoliation, dry brush massage, aromatherapy, massage, marma face points and a hot towel body wrap or Ayurvedic Herbal Wrap. It combines the most popular spa treatments into one, divine experience, that includes deep cleansing and leaves the skin soft, smooth and nourished by warm Herbal Infused Ayurvedic body oils. The Herbal Body Rejuvenation strengthens the immune system and helps eliminate stress and anxiety.


Approximately 2 1/4 hours

The Nirvana is a deluxe package that includes:

Herbal Body Treatment


Ayurvedic Herbal Face Treatment

Ayurvedic Aromatherapy Steam

After the treatment, the oils and herbs are worn into the Inhalation Room, with low heat menthalyptus infused steam, to finish the ultimate experience.